Become a Cedarcrest High School PTSA Member

Cedarcrest PTSA directly benefits the students at Cedarcrest. The PTSA supports grants for teachers, school events, art education and much, much more.

Remember that PTSA is not just for parents. Please encourage grandparents and other family members to support Cedarcrest students by becoming a PTSA member.

As a member of CHS PTSA, you are also a member of WA State PTA and National PTA and have access to loads of benefits! Check the links below for full lists of participating businesses.

View Washington State PTA Benefits
View National PTA Benefits

*For those who prefer to pay for membership by check, simply print out your registration and send it in to the school office with payment, or mail to CHS PTSA, P.O. Box 672, Duvall, WA 98019. Checks to: CHS PTSA*

Regarding donations: You can donate to the PTSA or donate to support the graduation celebrations of a specific class. Per CHS PTSA's Standing Rules: It is the goal of every senior class to break even in the fundraising/spending of the grad night funds. In the event that a graduating class leaves a balance in their account, all remaining funds will be distributed to other classes and PTSA programs.